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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Testing equipment.

More pics of what I am up too. (dog tax included)
   Starting to really get the equipment. Tested my donated tent the last few days in the rain and storms. Worked like a charm. I also have lanterns, and solar power(updating on the road). Started a journal to help me remember things for writing about later. (a book, maybe) Really can't wait to get going.
   Been following also. (on FB too) I admire what he is doing and wouldn't mind meeting up with him on the way. He is on his way from CT but I don't see him making the mountains before snow flies. He might have to stop and restart in the spring. I am really hoping he makes it.
  I am still worried about finances but I do believe things will work out. I am leaving in April no matter what but if things were to work out I would, for sure, leave earlier. Donate button below if you want.
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