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Please check out my "Go Fund me" page and if you feel like helping out, that'd be pretty damn awesome. My thanks in advance and make sure you remember to check out my blog for the updates I'll be posting a long the way... Click here for Tad's "Go Fund me" page.
This is what it's all about.... I am Tad. I am 55 yrs old. I have two wonderful grown children. I helped raise another child. I have a grand baby. I am a veteran. See me on FB if ya wanna know more. I have worked at mostly crappy jobs my whole life. I am not complaining, just sayin'. I am about to change that. I am going to live my dream! Starting this coming April '16, I am going to ride my bicycle, pulling a trailer, to Seattle WA. I am going to do it. It will be hard but I know I can do it. All my life I have dreamed of being on my own. Living on the road. Riding with the wind. Not a bum or hobo but, a Gypsy, a wanderer, a citizen of everywhere. To travel the small towns and meet the people. To watch the stars and planets in the night sky. To skinny dip in the lakes and rivers. Smell the dew in the morning. To live. To be who I am, not what is expected. I plan to camp along the way. My home will be where my heart is. I have a trailer for my bicycle to carry all that I will need. Tent, sleeping bag, books, clothes, food, water, etc. The bike has bags too. I intend to still 'work' as I go. This blog,, and odd jobs will, hopefully, keep me going. If I have to, or I like a place I am at, I could even get a regular job for a while. I am going to eat off the land, if possible. Since I will be making a point of staying in warm weather year round, there will be an abundance of wild and domesticated fruits and vegetables out across this great land of ours. I am studying that. Forget hunting though. That's what stores are for! lol I am going to live on the road, I ain't gonna move up in the mountains! haha I am so tired of our society and what it has become. The money ruled world. Corporations running things. Government control. Always paying someone for something. Rules rules rules. I want to live as myself. I am really scared to do this. It is a total change in thinking. And living. I know I can do it but it is still scary. I believe I am not the first or the only one out there to think this way or do it. I think there will be a different group of people on the road who will be there doing about the same thing. A sub-culture we don't see, because we are not out there. People who will be friends. A society of it's own. When I get rolling I will be regularly posting updates and pictures of the ride. Until then I will post updates on preparations. Got a lot to figure out and also stay in shape through he winter. This is gonna be great!!

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